Happy Hump Day! #lookatyourlifethroughheavenseyes (at My Happy Place)
Dressed totally appropriately for the weather today woops ! #drownedrat
Happy Monday ! Tackling this hectic week with a positive mind and an energetic soul ! And a little bit of tangerine ! #positive #energetic #tangerine #nosprite  (at Lincoln Center Plaza Fountain)
Highlight of my life right here !!!
Some are night wind downs ! #yolo #funnyasfcuk
Yus spring weather with this gorgeous girl!!!
Completion ! I feel like I’m in art school but I’m not ! #multitalented ! @mtgeek18 @kendalsinclair @naomigottfried
Hello New York !
Twinning with my braid and shit ! #inneedofahaircut #loveher @georginaemoore
Chilling in my favourite part of the city this morning ! Still can’t believe I live here
'I'll be there for you' chilling in the friends fountain ! Best night !!!
Happy Spring
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